D’Abrantes was so in love with film that he decided to study archeology in hopes of becoming Indiana Jones. But the boredom of the classroom and the fact that there are no mysterious artifacts to be found made him realise that what he really loved was film. Since then, he’s been trying to bring his own stories to life. First as a screenwriter, where he managed to produce a feature film at the age of 23. Then as an advertising creative with stints in multiple advertising agencies from Lisbon and London. Since then he has won multiple international awards including Cannes Lions and D&AD’s. But the crave of telling stories is strong in this one and the move into directing was the next logical step.

As a director he won awards like Best Young Director at Porto 7 International Short Film Festival with his short film “Lonesome Cowboy”, and was a Papaya Young Directors finalist two years in a row. He likes to focu on very strong narratives that create a big impact and emotional connection with the audience.